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Welcome to MyIP.US

We provide FREE Domain Name Services for users with dynamic or static IP addresses. You may create a personalized hostname so people may connect to your computer from anywhere on the Internet.

At MyIP, you can select from MULTIPLE domain names for your host!

Our service works with any type of Internet connection, including cable modem, DSL, dial-up, ISDN, and wireless. All platforms are supported as well including Win9X/NT/2000/XP, Unix, and Mac.

Our system is not proprietary. We run an open system for registering your IP address. You can even use your web browser.

The personalized hostname you create for yourself allows others to connect to your system. This allows you to run your own server for mail, web, FTP, chat, or games.

Once you receive the confirmation e-mail, you must follow the instructions for activating your account within 48 hours. Accounts not activated within this period are removed from the system.


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